Reminders, we all need one from time to time. Sometimes they act as a silent encouragements, urging us to stay committed to our goals and desires. Other times reminders take on the form of signals from those around us, prompting us to help us uphold an unconditional connection. In doing so, they help bridge gaps and foster a sense of unity and solidarity, especially when faced with physical distances.

Recently we came across a group of four friends who decided to create such a reminder of their own. When one of the friends fell seriously ill and had to be admitted to the hospital to await a transplant for her new lungs, the other three friends, who have been close friends since high school, found themselves constrained. The barriers of both physical distance and the risk of contamination prevented them from being able to be by her side during this time. Therefore they collectively decided to all get identical subtle bracelets as a symbolic reminder of the support and bond with one another. 

The shared decision to wear these bracelets served as a tangible reminder that irrespective of the distance or circumstances, their mutual support and connection remains unconditional and their friendship transcends physical barriers.

Reminders come in various forms. Still, they share a common essence to empower and preserve connections, serving as instruments for personal strength and enduring bonds. The four friends exemplify this essence, where reminders transcend tangible forms, embodying a shared commitment to support each other through challenges and foster unconditional unity.