Make her day unforgettable

Our top 5 gifts for Mother's Day 

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Having a day to honour mothers is a tradition dating back to Ancient Greece, and many other cultures across the world have been celebrating the special role that mothers play for centuries. Mother's Day in the Netherlands has its origins in the United States where, after campaigning by numerous different women, in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May as a national holiday to celebrate mothers.

On Mother's Day we celebrate our love for all mothers. We do that with a hug, a card, a bunch of flowers or a stunning gift. Want to give your mother, grandmother or any mother a fantastic surprise? We have a couple of suggestions for you.

1. Classic oval 14k yellow-gold pendant (€349)

Tip: On the inside is a silver plate that can be engraved at one of our outlets with an inscription, e.g. ‘your 1st Mother's Day’ or the name of your child(ren).

Tip: A gesture of kindness doesn't need to cost much (available in different sizes). 

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3. Ear charm set (€ the sky is the limit)

Tip: Create a beautiful Mother's Day gift set by combining your own selection of ear charms, earrings and pendants to create an unforgettable personalised gift. 

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4. Subtle, classic pearl ear studs (from €59)

Tip: These timeless classics (available in various sizes) also pair wonderfully with other pearl jewellery.

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5. Elegant 14k yellow-gold bracelet (€199) 

Tip: The links used for this stylish bracelet are called 'Closed forever’. What better way is there to celebrate your unique relationship with your mother?

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We hope our suggestions have inspired you. You can find many more stunning pieces of jewellery for any occasion on

It promises to be a very special Mother's Day indeed. Three cheers for all mothers!