Our five top gifts for Mother’s Day.

Make this a day she’ll never forget.

It’s Mother’s Day on the 8th of May. A special day, when you can demonstrate the precious personal bond you have with this one woman. On Mother’s Day, you can give her special attention, with care, with warmth and with gifts from the heart. We can help you with this.

By the way, did you know that the ancient Greek already celebrated a special day for mothers? Just as many other cultures honour her exceptional role. The way we celebrate Mother’s Day in the Netherlands originates in America. Following several campaigns by many women, it was decided in 1914 that, from there on, the second Sunday in May would be Mother’s Day. 

Therefore, we now celebrate our love for all mothers on Mother’s Day. With a hug, a card, a bunch of flowers and a special gift. Do you want to surprise your Mum, Grandmother or any other mother with a sparkling gift this year? We have some great suggestions for you.

Classic, 14k yellow gold medallion (€ 349)

Tip: Inside you’ll find a small silver plate that can be engraved at our sales areas with, for instance ‘your 1st mother’s day’ or the name(s) of your child or children.

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Elegant, timeless 14k gold ear studs (from € 39)

Tip: A loving gesture does not need to be expensive (available in many sizes)

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Ear charms (€ the sky is the limit)

Tip: Combine ear charms, earrings and pendants to assemble a beautiful Mother’s Day gift set as an unforgettable personal present.

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Subtle, classic pearl ear studs (from € 59)

Tip: These timeless classics (available in many formats) match other pearl jewelry beautifully.

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Elegant, 14k yellow gold bracelet (€ 199)

Tip: The links that hold this stylish bracelet together are called ‘Closed Forever’. If that isn’t the most beautiful way to demonstrate the bond with a mother ...

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We hope to have inspired you with our suggestions. You will find many more beautiful jewels on our site, for all kinds of special occasions. It’s promising to be a sparkling Mother’s Day. Three cheers for all mothers!