Medium gold charms earrings

Earrings 7133YGO - 14k Yellow Gold

These 14 carat shiny polished yellow gold hoops earrings have a classic look, but give you with one or more earrings a different look in no time. The tube of the earrings has a diameter of 2.4 millimeters and the diameter of the earring is 12 millimeters.


Earrings 7165YGO - 14k Yellow Gold

The 14 carat shiny polished yellow gold huggies are 2.25 millimeters wide and have a diameter of 12.5 millimeters. These classics can be effortlessly combined with any other yellow gold jewelry. If you want to give them a personal touch these yellow gold earrings can easily be combined with one or more earrings.


Earrings 7317YGO - 14k Yellow Gold

These earrings in 14k yellow gold show how elegance and simplicity go hand in hand. The earrings are 14.8 mm in height and have a snap closure. They match beautifully with other pieces of minimalist jewellery from our collection.


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