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Choose your preferred ear charms and add matching earrings to create your own personal style.

Fine gold charms

The most subtle ear charms in our collection. The fine gold ear charms add a delicate accent to any outfit and can be combined well with ear studs for a modern look.
Discover the fine gold charms

Medium gold ear charms with stones

This ear charm gives a sparkling look to your jewelry. Made with zirconia and pearls.
Discover the medium gold ear charms

Mini natural stone ear charms

Facet-cut natural stone, combined with a 14k gold earring makes for a classic combination. The stone ear charm sets are available in mini, medium or large versions.
Discover the mini natural stone ear charms

Medium natural stone ear charms

A 14k gold earring combined with the medium natural stone charms, make for a special addition to any outfit.
Discover the medium natural stone ear charms

Large natural stone ear charms

A special statement piece, these large natural stone ear charms can be combined with our 14k gold earrings and a gold charm for an extra sparkling effect.
Discover the large natural stone ear charms