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Pendant 6053YZI - 14k Yellow Gold with zirconia

This classic yellow gold pendant consists of a brilliant cut Zirconia with a diameter of 5 millimeters which is set in a chaton setting. The pendant fits around the necklaces with reference 3046.


Pendant 6600YDI - 14k Yellow Gold with diamond

This 14k yellow gold pendant sparkles with a brilliant-cut chaton set diamond. The diameter of the pendant is 2.9mm and the karat weight of the diamond is 0.05. A beautiful piece of jewellery that matches other items in our collection well.


Pendant 6092YZI - 14k Yellow gold with zirconia

This special 14k yellow gold pendant with a 3.8 mm diameter zirconia in chaton setting has an overall length of 8.6 mm. Beautiful when combined with one of the gold chains from our collection.


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