white gold stackable rings

Ring 1201WZI - 14k White Gold

The brilliant cut Zirconias in this white gold ring are set in a pavé setting. The perfectly fitting stones provide a nice sparkling effect around the finger. The white gold ring is enriched with white Zirconias. This allows you to perfectly combine the ring with both white gold and rose gold jewelry. If you wear it on its own, this slim ring is an elegant eye-catcher.


Ring 1200WZI - 14k White Gold

This 14 carat gold ring is made of shiny polished white gold and features a brilliant cut white Zirconia with a diameter of 2.6mm. When worn solitair, the ring provides an elegant feminine look. For a feminine-refined effect, wear this 1.3 millimeter wide ring combined with several rings, as a stackable ring.


Ring 1120WZI - 14k White Gold with Zirconia

Brilliant cut Zirconias are set all around in bezel setting and give this white gold ring its elegant and timeless look. The ring is 2.3 millimeters wide. Combine the ring with matching necklace.


Ring 1117WGO - 14k White gold

The 14 carat gold ring is made of white gold. The shank is two millimeters wide. The ring is semi-circular and shows the Blush logo on the inside. This ring is feminine and elegant when worn on its own, but as a classic addition it is also very nice to combine with a number of stacking rings.


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