Blush was found on the conviction that well-crafted jewellery has the power to help everyone get in touch with their heart and open up for true connections.

Blush gold jewels

A celebration of blushing and connection To blush - to go pink with joy, to glow. The blush that occurs when we connect with someone on a deep and personal level, when we open up to our feelings, and these are seen and cherished. A beautiful mark of connection.

A symbol of connection

Jewellery is a symbol of love and connection. We wear it on our skin, on our person, it’s very intimate. For too long people only show their perfect selves. We invite you to show the strength of your feelings; to dare to be seen, and therefore to connect on a deeper level.

With great appreciation for detail, wearability and the highest quality standard, we create 14k gold jewellery that is made to last and be loved a lifetime. Simple, beautiful pieces that are not just a symbol of our feelings, but a bridge for connection.

“We believe connection is why we are here. It’s what brings joy and meaning to our lives”.