In some traditions, women who have just become mothers are given jewellery. A golden piece of jewellery as a thank you or token of appreciation for carrying her baby around for so many months and bringing them into the world. This jewellery is often given by the father, but sometimes the mother chooses her own jewellery. An example could be a medallion on which the baby's date of birth is engraved, with space for a photo or lock of hair.

One of our colleagues at Blush Jewels helped to design and develop such a locket and arranged for some beautiful photographs to be taken. After becoming a mother to a wonderful daughter, she had her unique jewellery engraved with her name and date of birth. This helps her feel as though she's keeping her child close by. 

'She made me a mother. Thanks to her, I discovered a happiness, a vulnerability and a sensitivity I never thought possible. The medallion is a brilliant and highly valuable expression of this. Once my daughter grows up, I will pass the medallion on to her with love some day'.

It is hard to imagine a more loving gift than an engraved medallion. Fantastic as a gift for any mother who wants to carry her child not only in her heart, but also on her heart.