It's almost that time of year again: Christmas is just around the corner. A time when we gather to enjoy incredible moments together. Whether you spend it with the whole family or in with a smaller intimate group, everyone celebrates the holidays in their own way. In your best outfit, with great food and plenty of cosiness. Candles lit, sparkling glitter on your clothes and gifts around the fireplace or under the tree. Give a gift this year that will make someone blush, as a nice piece of jewellery is a true gift from the heart.

Under the tree
Will Father Christmas be spoiling you this year? This year, get all dressed up and leave a gift that is small in size but which has the maximum effect. After all, small packages can contain the most special gifts.

What about this stunning necklace with three mini pendants - the perfect gift to make someone blush with delight. Made with white gold and with three fun pendants (one made with zirconia), this necklace is sure to pair well with the style of every woman. Subtle, elegant and bold. 

Simpel statement
Are the holidays a time for you to sit together in cosy woollen clothes and leave the tights in the drawer? Then give the person you love something they'll love and that will give their loungewear an instant upgrade.

Why not give a signet ring to that special person in your life as an (almost) official seal of your love for them? 

Beautiful at the table
Will you be donning your very best party clothes around the Christmas dinner table this year? Then an elegant accessory is the perfect addition to any festive outfit.

What do you think of this stunning necklace with two interwoven rings? As a sign of infinity, this necklace symbolises the infinite love you feel for the person you are giving it to. Made in 14-carat gold with zirconias that will sparkle even more festively in the cosy candlelight and from the festive lights in the Christmas tree. 

And for dessert? How about some arm candy?
End your festive meal with a dessert that will fill your heart with love instead of filling your belly. After a large meal at a table packed with snacks, groaning plates and seemingly endless courses, a light dessert is a perfect way to end things. This year why not turn dessert into the highlight of the evening with the gift of jewellery.

A delicate bracelet hanging on your significant other's wrist is the perfect cherry on the proverbial cake. 

However you choose to celebrate the festive season, do it with family and friends and get all dressed up! Go wild in the kitchen, wear something that makes you feel stunning and spoil the people around you! The holidays are the ultimate time of year to make those you love sparkle shine and blush.