Necklace 3055BGO - 14ct Yellowgold and Whitegold

This yellow gold necklace has a length of 42 centimeters. Three separately moving, round, shiny polished pendants are placed on the necklace. The charms are in yellow gold and white gold. Each pendant is 2 millimetres wide and has a diameter of 4.5 millimetres. This necklace forms a stylish and timeless combination with matching Blush twisted ear studs with reference number 7157.


Ring 1190YGO - 14ct Yellow Gold

This timeless signet ring in 14ct yellow gold has a simple, smooth design. The band has a diameter of 2.1 mm and the top side is 8.5 by 10 mm. Beautiful to wear on its own or with other rings from our collection.


Ring 1186BZI - 14ct Yellow gold and White gold with Zirkonia

The yellow gold ring has a Ø 3mm Zirconia in a white gold chaton setting. For a classic, elegant look, combine this slim Ø 1.8mm ring with a thin bracelet or necklace. Wearing the ring with several rings at the same time creates a glamourous effect.


Locket 6080YGO - 14ct Yellow gold

Classics never go out of style. This medallion has both an elegant and modern look. It has a round shape and is finished with a dotted structure. The medallion contains a silver plate on the inside where you can engrave a name or a date to really give your medallion a personal touch.


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